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I'm Gautham Reghu a UI Designer

  • Design is a purposeful and intentional activity
  • Design is a purposeful and intentional activity
  • Design is a purposeful and intentional activity
Design meets it’s elegance and we are a part of the journey
To leave a design legacy behind
Creativity isn't a destination reached with projects; it's a journey that unfolds endlessly.

The People behind my Journery

UX Malayali

Sr Product Designer, (Youtuber)

Siby Sunny

UX/UI Designer @Freelancing

Sujith Kesavan

Sr UX/UI Designer @Aspire

Vipin kv

Sr UX/UI Designer @Webandcrafts

Ebi M J

Product Designer @Lektik

Vishnu Murali

Lead UI Designer @Crazydes


Jose Thomas

CEO/Founder @Crazydes Design Studio

Midhun Raj R

Co-Founder @Trizova Technologies


CEO/Founder @Qualnex

Rohit Sajeev

Director @Enfelista Technologies


CEO/Founder @Outlayertattoo

Gautham Reghu has been an invaluable asset to our team, consistently delivering high-quality, visually stunning, and user-friendly designs. His keen eye for detail and creative flair have significantly elevated the user experience of our products. From concept to execution, Gautham has shown an impressive ability to transform ideas into captivating visual interfaces.

We have worked with Gautham to design an UI/UX for a Canadian real estate application. Gautham was quick to learn things and interacted with our client professionally. Collaborative, detail-oriented, and always exceeding expectations, he was truly a valuable asset to our team.

An invaluable member of my UI/UX design team, Gautham brings a perfect blend of incredible design skills to the table. His UI creations aren't just visually stunning; they seamlessly merge art with functionality in the digital realm. I'm exceptionally proud of Gautham's talent and eagerly anticipate the exciting places his creativity will take us!

I am thrilled to share my experience working with our talented Gautham UX/UI designer on our car washing dashboard project. The level of creativity demonstrated throughout the process was truly exceptional. Our design not only understood our vision but also brought it to life. in a way that exceeded our expectations.

Exceptional work! Gautham not only created a captivating logo that perfectly embodies our brand but also delivered an outstanding website. The attention to detail and creative flair showcased throughout the process were truly impressive. His talent and dedication have significantly elevated our online presence. I wholeheartedly recommend his services for anyone seeking top-notch design expertise.

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